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These Are the Most Dangerous Items on a Farm

You work on a farm, and you know there are hazards there. Despite the risks, you love your job, so how can you stay safe? There are a few different ways to do so.

The main way to be safe is to understand the dangers all around you. By understanding the equipment you use and keeping it in good, working condition, you can stay safer on the job. If you’re hurt, you can seek workers’ compensation, but the best policy is to avoid an injury in the first place. To do that, here are three pieces of equipment you should learn to manage well.

1. Tractors

Tractor-related injuries take the lives of around 125 people each year in the United States, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. This makes tractors the most dangerous pieces of equipment on farms. How can you prevent injuries? Make sure to avoid the blades and only use the tractor if you’re educated in how to drive it safely. If you can, opt to purchase newer models since these come with rollover technology to help prevent crashes.

2. Hay balers

Hay balers have many moving parts including wraps and strings. If you get caught up in them, it can result in lacerations, suffocation, or other serious injuries.

3. Skid-loaders

Skid-loaders have the potential to tip over, much like tractors. It’s important to use them on flat surfaces or to use loaders with rollover technology. If you do have to work on a slope, make sure the heavier end of the equipment is uphill. If the heavy end is downhill, it could be off-balanced, leading to the lighter end flipping over the heavier end. Keep the load close to the ground while you move to give the machinery better balance.

These are three of the most dangerous items on the farm. Learn to use them correctly, so you can reduce the risk of injuries.