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Factors That Can Lead to Semitruck Crashes

Semi-truck crashes can critically injure victims in a way that causes them to suffer for the rest of their days or even die. It is imperative that all truckers are taking the necessary steps to keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe.

When a trucking accident occurs, the victim in the crash might decide to seek compensation. This could help him or her to recover money lost due to the crash, including lost wages and money to pay for medical care. Other types of compensation may also be possible.

In these claims for compensation, you will need to discuss the cause of the crash. These vary greatly, but here are some possibilities for you to look into.

Trucker’s actions

Truckers’ actions can lead to serious accidents. They need to give their full attention to handling the truck. If they are too tired or if their attention isn’t where it should be, tragedy can occur.

Truckers should make sure they get ample rest prior to driving. They should only drive a maximum number of hours per shift, which is listed in the Hours of Service regulations.

Distractions, such as speaking on the phone or texting, can also be disastrous. Other distractions include reaching for something in the cab, trying to read the paperwork, eating, drinking, or fiddling with controls in the truck.

Company’s actions

Some trucking companies try to rush truckers to make deliveries on tight deadlines. This can be dangerous because the trucker might have to skirt around the hours of service limits and other safety regulations.

Even though trucking companies do have competition, they still need to ensure that they are empowering the trucker to drive safely and take breaks as needed. Truckers shouldn’t feel the need to choose between employment and safety.

Load securement

Another possible issue is the load securement. A load that isn’t secured properly to the truck might shift, which could impact the maneuverability of the truck. These loads are often very heavy, so a slight shift could cause the trucker to lose control. On top of that, it is possible that the cargo could come loose from the trailer, which could turn it into a projectile that slams into other vehicles or a hazard that litters the road.

Maintenance and components

Semi-trucks have to be properly maintained. If they aren’t or if the components on the truck are defective, the trucker might not be able to handle the truck properly, which could result in a serious crash. Maintenance records and an inspection of the truck might be useful to determine if this contributed to an accident.