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Try to Keep a Clear Head After a Semitruck Crash

Being involved in a semi-truck crash is something that can impact you in more ways than you might expect. It is imperative that you take appropriate action after the accident so that you don’t jeopardize your option of seeking compensation.

No matter how serious or minor the accident, you should contact the police. Make sure you tell the dispatcher if you or anyone else at the scene needs medical care so that the paramedics can be dispatched.

As you discuss the accident with people, including those at the scene, the investigators, and the insurance company, make sure that you don’t admit any fault. Even if you think that you did something to cause the accident, don’t voice that. You shouldn’t say anything that might be considered admitting fault, including saying you are sorry or you didn’t see the other vehicle.

It is a good idea to have a medical evaluation, even if you don’t think that you were injured in the crash. Ideally, you will do this right away since some injuries might not be immediately noticed due to the shock or adrenaline. Seeing your doctor or heading to the emergency room or urgent care facility can help tie your injuries to the accident, which might be beneficial if you take legal action.

Once everything settles down and you’ve started on the treatment plan for your injuries, you can take the time to look into seeking compensation. Making the decision to seek compensation is a step toward solidifying your finances after the accident. As you can imagine, the financial toll of being hit by a semi-truck is great, especially if your income is reduced or stopped because of an inability to work due to the accident.

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