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North Carolina Has a Drunk Driving Problem Causing Safety Hazards

Many people turn to alcohol when they are ready to have a good time. While there isn’t anything wrong with this, it is a huge problem if the person who is out drinking opts to try to drive home after a night of drinking.

Drunk drivers can cause fatal accidents or accidents that lead to serious injuries. In either one of these cases, the affected parties might choose to seek compensation.

North Carolina has a higher death rate than the nation

When you consider the number of drunk driving deaths per 100,000 people in North Carolina, you see a grim picture. North Carolina has a death rate of 4.2 people. The national death rate is 3.3. In every demographic considered, including gender and age, North Carolina ranks above the national average. Even children who are under 21 years old have a death rate due to drunk drivers of 1.7.

The fact that drunk driving is a preventable cause of an accident makes drunk driving fatalities much more troubling. People who lose a family member to a drunk driver might decide that they are going to seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. This could help the family members who are left behind pay for the final arrangements and other expenses related to their loved one’s death.

Injuries from drunk driving crashes are troublesome

While drunk driving fatalities are horrific, people who have to live with the effects of an injury that was due to a drunk driving crash face a tough road. Often, these accidents cause catastrophic injuries like brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Even when those aren’t present, the recovery can be difficult.

The victim of a drunk driving crash might end up with medical bills from physical injuries. Emotional trauma might also occur. In severe cases, this could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

All of these injuries could lead to the person not being able to work, which can lead to financial troubles. This can make it hard to focus on healing because you are so worried about making ends meet.

Civil cases and criminal cases aren’t linked

When drunk driving accidents occur, the drunk driver can face criminal charges for the incident. This is completely separate from a civil lawsuit that you could file in connection with the injuries that you suffered or the loss of your loved one. If the person isn’t found guilty of the criminal charges, the civil lawsuit could still proceed.