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Drunk Drivers Can Ruin the 4th of July Weekend

A drunk driving crash can be very serious. Often, these drivers speed. Some drive in the wrong direction down the road. Innocent people who are just trying to get to their destination can suffer serious injuries when a drunk driver slams into them.

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches, anyone who is on the road should take a few moments to check out the signs of a drunk driver. If you see a vehicle showing signs of an intoxicated driver, you should try to stay as far away as possible.

Signs of an intoxicated driver

People who are intoxicated can’t effectively control a vehicle. Instead, they tend to swerve around and might drift in and out of lanes. They are often unpredictable and might turn without using a turn signal or stop without any warning or reason. These drivers might drive excessively slowly or with excessive speed. Some drivers who are intoxicated might drive too close to other cars and either hit or narrowly miss objects on the side of the road. At night, they may drive without using any headlights.

Upon seeing a possibly intoxicated driver

You should try to stay back from the driver if doing so safely is possible. You might consider pulling over to call 911 if there is a place where you can do so without putting yourself at risk. You shouldn’t try to get the driver to stop or try to trail the driver as both of these can put your life in danger.

When an accident occurs

If you are struck by a driver you think is intoxicated, contact the police. No matter how minor the accident might be, you will still need to get the police to the scene. If you are injured, seek medical care either by ambulance or by going to the doctor on your own. Don’t say anything that might make anyone think that you are taking responsibility for the crash. Be prepared to deal with the insurance companies for claims that are related to the accident.

You should also explore the option of seeking compensation. This might help you to recover money that you had to shell out for medical bills and other expenses that were related to the drunk driving crash. You might also include claims for lost wages if you were unable to work while you healed from the injuries you suffered in the crash.