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Safety must be a priority in the construction industry

Construction site safety is a crucial part of the industry. The very nature of the work and the tools, machines and supplies that it takes to erect buildings make this a hazardous profession. The burden for construction site safety falls on the contracting company, or employer, of the workers who are getting the job done.

There isn’t any reason to think that safety is a one-time event that employers can discuss with employees once and then forget about. Safety programs must be ongoing events for every construction company.

Safety starts at hiring

Some in the construction industry might want to work independently, but this isn’t likely a good idea from a safety standpoint. New hires must be given the safety standards for the company. One way to accomplish this is for new hires to be given a buddy who can show them the ropes. This might be met with some resistance, but these programs have a good success rate.

Continuing training is necessary

Employees need to be reminded that safety can’t be compromised. Holding regular training sessions and having programs that encourage safety can accomplish this. Even if an employer has to schedule time specifically for safety training, this can be beneficial to everyone involved. Even if it seems like an inconvenience, these meetings can help to prevent accidents. If there are any safety incidents, employers can address these in a meeting with all workers. This type of training can help to prevent the same issue from occurring again.

Tools must be provided

Employers should give employees the tools they need to remain safe. This includes providing equipment like hardhats and safety vests, but it can also involve employees being given task cards to refer to when doing dangerous jobs. It also means ensuring every employee using machinery is properly trained and reminded about safety standards.

Protocol when accidents occur

Companies must have established protocols to follow when an employee does get hurt. This information needs to be clearly conveyed to the employees so that everyone knows their part. It is imperative that employees are encouraged to make accident reports and seek medical care when they are injured.

No employees should fear that they will face retaliation for reporting an accident or getting medical help. If you are an injured construction worker, make sure that you report the injury to your employer, seek out workers’ compensation benefits, and protect your rights throughout the process.