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Avoid Getting Hurt in a Car Crash With the Following Tips

What’s better than winning a personal injury lawsuit following a serious car accident? Not getting into a car crash in the first place would certainly be the preferred situation.

Considering that lawful and cautious North Carolina drivers have to share the road with negligent, unlawful, drunk, intoxicated, and distracted motorists, the dangers of getting into a collision are very real. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do — according to consumer reports — that can help you avoid becoming a car crash statistic.

Tips for avoiding a crash

The tips below are tried and true methods for reducing your car accident risks. Follow all of them, and you just might save your or someone else’s life.

  • Don’t drive after drinking: It doesn’t matter if you’re legally able to drive, and it doesn’t matter what you think you can “handle.” Driving after any amount of alcohol can affect your ability to react to different conditions you encounter on the road. Also, it’s hard to tell whether you’ve exceeded your legal limit or not.
  • Don’t get distracted: Food, friends, in-car entertainment systems, and smartphones are some of the worst culprits when it comes to distractions while driving. Say no to heated conversations, don’t eat while driving, put your smartphone out of reach, and only adjust your radio when you’re at a red light. This will help you keep your eyes and your attention where they should be: on the road.
  • Drive the speed limit: Speed limits are there to keep you safe — so you don’t drive so fast that you can’t react to the conditions around you. Speed limits are especially important at night when your headlights are the only way you have of seeing what’s in front of you.
  • Get a newer car: Electronic stability control can be found standard on vehicles built after 2012. This safety feature has been shown in at least one study to reduce the risk of a fatal accident by 50 percent and reduce the risk of fatal rollover events by 80 percent.

Encourage your children, family, and friends to drive safely

If everyone followed the rules of the road, practiced safe driving techniques, and used their common sense, we would see our nation’s fatal car accident statistics plummet to unprecedented levels. However, in a world where people don’t always consider their safety or the safety of others as a priority, car accident risks — and lawsuits to recoup financial damages — will exist until the day that human beings stop driving cars.