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Distractions Are Irritating, but Can Also Be Deadly for Drivers

Distractions are difficult to deal with in any situation. When a driver is distracted, the situation can turn very dangerous and even possibly deadly. It is imperative that all drivers focus only on the road when they are driving. Everything else has to wait.

For people who are on the roadways, there are a few things to know about distracted drivers. Keeping these in mind might help you to remain safe as you travel around the Wilmington area.

Signs of a distracted driver

In many cases, distracted drivers will behave much like drunk drivers. They might swerve all over the road or drive in an erratic manner. You might notice that they are braking when they don’t need to. They might slam on their brakes when they realize that they could hit someone or something.

Risk factors of distracted drivers

Drivers who are under 20 years old have the highest risk of causing a fatal distracted driving crash. These drivers also have a higher chance of other dangerous activities while in a vehicle, such as not wearing a safety belt or drinking and driving.

Dangers of distracted driving

Distracted drivers don’t have their attention on the road, which impacts cognitive, visual, and manual abilities. This means that they might strike objects near the road or other vehicles. These crashes can cause serious injuries and fatalities. Not only does this mean that the victims might need extensive medical care, but it also means that they could suffer from other monetary losses like having to miss work.

Causes of distractions

There are a host of things that can distract drivers. While people think of phones as a distraction, there are many less obvious ones. For example, billboards are distractions if the driver is looking at them. The radio, other passengers, the climate control system, a GPS device, and any other items in the vehicle can all distract the driver. Parents face potential distraction when children are in the vehicle because the kids might need something or may pitch a fit.

Victims have options

Victims of drunk driving crashes have options for seeking compensation. The insurance might help to cover some of the costs. However, some victims might need more than just medical care. Some of these injuries are so severe that the victim may need to take time off of work, which is a huge financial hit for some families. This claim is one that is filed in civil court.