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5 Things to Know About Trucking Crash Causes

Semi truck crashes are often very serious. When you are struck by a semi truck, you might need to seek medical care. The injuries you face can determine what kind of medical care you need. Ultimately, you might decide that you want to seek compensation for the injuries. One important factor in these cases is what caused the accident. This information can determine who you hold liable in the lawsuit. Here are five potential factors that can lead to trucking accidents.

#1: Defective components

You’ve probably heard about all of the recalls on passenger cars because of defective components. Now, imagine if those components were on a semi truck. If the brakes don’t work properly, a serious crash might occur. If the locking mechanisms for the trailer aren’t working properly, the trailer can come loose and become a dangerous projectile. In these cases, the component manufacturer might be liable for the crash.

#2: Trucker fatigue

Trucker fatigue can lead to trucking accidents. This might occur if the trucker doesn’t get enough sleep or has to drive in conditions that make the trucker tired. A trucker who is battling fatigue won’t be able to react appropriately to the hazards that occur on the road. In some cases, trucker fatigue might be the result of medical conditions that need to be addressed.

#3: Driver distraction

A distracted trucker is behind the wheel of what could be considered a deadly weapon. Distractions can occur in various forms, including signs on the side of the road or eating a meal. It can also occur because of reaching for objects in the cab or trying to use electronics. Talking and texting on the phone can also lead to distraction.

#4: Trucking company policies

Some truck accidents are caused by truckers rushing to try to make delivery times. These truckers might drive longer than they should or drive faster than what is safe for the current conditions. When the trucking company promises very tight deadlines, the truckers might feel obligated to rush to meet those deadlines. This might mean the trucking company should be held liable for the crash.

#5: Failure to follow regulations

The federal government has regulations set for truckers. The Hours of Service regulations limit the number of hours a trucker can drive per shift. In between allowable shifts, the trucker must go out of service and get some rest. One way to determine if these regulations are being followed is by reviewing the driving logs for the trucker in the days leading up to the accident and on the day of the crash.

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