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Different things are compensable in car crash cases

| Oct 19, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Seeking compensation for the damages in a car accident requires you to think carefully about a lot of different things. As you start considering the damages that you have to deal with, you might come to realize that the cost of the accident is much more than what you originally thought.

You must consider the expenses related to the accident far beyond the ones that occurred immediately after the crash. Here are some of the costs of an auto wreck that might be compensable in a claim for compensation:

Medical care costs

The medical care costs are some of the most common in claims for compensation. These costs shouldn’t include only your out-of-pocket expenses. They should also include what your insurance paid on the bills. Subrogation is a legal premise that denotes the possibility, and legal right, of insurance companies to seek repayment of the money they spent on your care after a crash if you receive a settlement or award.

Think about the bills you’ve gotten from doctors, as well as money you’ve spent on over-the-counter and supplemental therapies. Don’t focus only on the expenses you already have. You should think about what bills may arrive in the future.

Lost wages

You might not be able to work after the crash while your injuries heal. You can include the wages that you missed in your claim for compensation. This can be difficult to determine for some people, but you should be able to take a look at your recent pay history to figure this out. If you go before a jury, the jury will consider your age, life expectancy, skill and occupation, among other things.

Pain and suffering

Depending on the circumstances of the crash and your injuries, you may be able to include a claim for pain and suffering. This includes physical and mental anguish at the time of the injury and the effects afterward. It might be difficult to put a monetary amount on this type of damage, but using precedents from other cases can help you to establish your claim.

Other forms of damages can apply in certain cases. Uninjured spouses can sometimes make claims for loss of consortium, which means the injured spouse isn’t able to show affection. Thinking about all of the ways that the accident impacted your life might help you to determine if your case meets the requirements for other types of damages.


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