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Don’t Let a Drunk Driver Take You Out of the Game

Here in the South, there is often a cavalier attitude taken towards drunk driving, one that looks the other way and says that everybody does it sometimes, that it’s not really that big of a deal. This mentality is obviously harmful, but never more so than when a person is injured by a drunk driver.

Let’s say you’re in college, wrapping up the semester of your sophomore or junior year, and you are hit by a fellow student on a Thursday night. Just because you’re both students living the college life doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be fairly compensated for your injuries, especially for the disruption that it may cause to your studies, athletic pursuits, or work obligations and earning potential.

Drunk driving accidents present a unique dilemma and opportunity

Especially for many young people, an injury accident can rewrite the course of one’s entire life if it is not handled properly. If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident while you are still setting the course for your hopeful career, your losses can be enormous while also being difficult to quantify.

While no injury is a good injury, when it comes to drunk drivers, the victims do tend to have an advantage in negotiations. On the one hand, especially in the South, we tend to excuse drinking even to excess as part of the college experience. On the other, drunk driving injury claims are more likely to be favorably settled out of court than other kinds of injuries, because juries tend to not look kindly on drunk drivers anywhere in the country once an injury has occurred because of intoxication.

Get the help you need to get your life back

No matter who you are, your life after a drunk driving injury has surely been thrown into disarray, and you need help to get back on track. This is where it is vital to have the right help, to ensure that the other party doesn’t get away with ruining your life just because you thought you had a good case.

Drunk driving accidents can definitely lead to injury claims that seek damages in a civil suit, but this negotiation will require fighting to prove that alcohol was involved in the accident, which the other party will be fighting hard against.

An excellent attorney with years of experience knows how to fight your fight on every front. This includes not only taking the necessary steps to legally prove that alcohol played a role in your injury, but also a knowledge of how to fight for all of your rights and losses, even when that can be difficult to quantify for younger victims who are still establishing themselves.

You have been hurt, and no one can undo what has been done. But, an experienced attorney can fight for your right to get your life back and use the full strength of the legal system to ensure that your losses are fairly compensated, either in a settlement or by trial, and ensure that your rights remain protected.