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Digital Technology May Increase Safety in the Workplace

Changes have occurred that help address safety concerns in workplaces in North Carolina and around the country with regard to adequate security and safety. Some of these improvements have been made possible because of the digital age, which has produced numerous new technologies designed to help address these issues.

Training of employees on the use of machinery may be aided by posting operating instructions on machinery and on the company website. Quick response bar codes might help reduce the incidence of workplace accidents resulting from the misuse of equipment.

Business security is an important consideration, particularly following incidents of dangerous weapons being brought into the workplace. By using metal detectors that employees and customers walk through before being allowed to enter, weapons might be detected.

Increased security may provide added protection for employees while working. The addition of a security guard may add further protection for employees, while digital cameras may spot any problems with altercations and record employee accidents. Employees working in financial institutions face a different type of risk. Safety protection for those employees may be in the form of bulletproof glass for teller windows and metal detectors to protect employees from robbers. Additional security features meant to provide additional safety for employees. This may include laser safety curtains or 3D technology to detect the presence of trespassers or those with ill intent.

Protection for workers not only involves safety features to avoid accidents in the workplace but also in providing adequate security measures. An employee who has been injured on the job due to inadequate protective and safety measures may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits and may want to have the assistance of an attorney in doing so.