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Cell Phone Usage Leads to More Accidents

North Carolina drivers may think that if they use a hands-free device to talk on their cellphone while they are behind the wheel that they will not be distracted, but studies have shown that this is not the case. Furthermore, not all distractions are the same. While a person might deal with a number of distractions while driving, people on cellphones are four times more likely to have an accident with no difference between handheld and hands-free phones. A person texting and driving is eight times more likely to crash.

One thing that makes driving with a cellphone so dangerous is that it is so common. While some distractions, such as turning around, may be more dangerous, they are not things that people do very frequently. On the other hand, many people frequently use cellphones while they are driving. It is likely that crashes due to cellphones are actually underreported since people may not admit to it.

The city of Tulsa has instituted a ban on all of its employees using cellphones while they are on the job. In addition, companies around the country have adopted similar measures for their employees.

People who are injured in an accident with a distracted driver may have medical expenses that insurance does not cover. They might also lose wages due to missed work. While there are currently no effective tests that can measure distraction as there are when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol, an attorney representing an injured victim might seek to have a motorist’s cellphone records produced in order to show that a conversation or text message was taking place at the time of the crash.