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Report discusses the potential of self-driving trucks

| Dec 6, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

If autonomous truck technology becomes widely adopted, North Carolina truck drivers could take care of non-driving related tasks while they are traveling down the highways. That was one of the findings in a report from the American Transportation Research Institute. In its report, the ATRI discussed the potential of autonomous vehicle technology and explained the roadblocks that must be overcome before self-driving trucks can become a reality.

The ATRI believes that truck driving will become a more attractive career once self-driving trucks are widely available. Truck driving jobs won’t go away, but they will become less stressful and monotonous. While an autonomous truck is moving, the truck operator could have the opportunity to rest and work on logistics. Autonomous trucks could keep driving for longer periods of time since truck operators will require fewer rest breaks, according to the ATRI.

There are many safety issues that must be addressed before autonomous vehicle technology can be used in the commercial trucking industry. Some of them include reliability and maintenance of autonomous driving systems and cyber security concerns. The ATRI said that infrastructure upgrades are the biggest challenge to the implementation of self-driving trucks. Highways must be made smoother, and highway-to-vehicle communication tools must be added to the roads.

The ATRI believes that autonomous trucks could help to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents that happen each year. Many truck accidents are caused by truck drivers who drive while they are distracted, intoxicated or exhausted. Occupants of other vehicles who are injured as a result may want to have legal help when seeking compensation for their out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost wages and other applicable amounts.


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