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Safety When Pulling a Trailer

North Carolina motorists who need to pull a trailer can take certain steps to do so more safely. It is important to make sure that the trailer is correctly attached. In addition to a secure hitch, there should be two crisscrossing chains attaching the trailer to the vehicle. The signals and brake lights should be attached and tested as well. Drivers who do not have someone who can tell them whether the lights are working should test them at night or use a reflective surface.

Drivers should also practice before they hit the open road. Backing up and turning may be particularly difficult. Drivers should be aware of their trailer’s size and keep in mind that the heavier they are, the more room they will need to stop. Either an empty parking lot or a stretch of road the motorist is familiar with can be good places to practice driving with the trailer.

Jackknifing often happens while backing up, but it can be avoided. Drivers should avoid getting into a V shape with the trailer by never going past an L shape. As is the case with most precautions in driving a trailer, the best remedy is to back up slowly.

Despite these safety efforts, a person towing a trailer may be involved in a motor vehicle accident. In other cases, a person might be hit by someone towing a trailer who does not observe these safety standards. An accident involving a trailer may lead to a serious injury, and the person who is injured may want to have the assistance of an attorney in filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. This might be another driver, but it may also be a manufacturer or another entity. For example, if the trailer equipment was rented and was faulty, the company it was rented from might be responsible.