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North Carolina Teen Killed in Alleged DUI Auto Accident

A teen has recently lost his life in a car accident. The auto accident was reportedly caused by his friend who authorities say was driving under the influence. North Carolina authorities have charged the friend with vehicular homicide.

The accident happened on a recent Sunday night when the driver was negotiating a curve. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities believe that the driver struck a curb and that’s when he lost control of the vehicle. He careened across the center line and then struck another curb on the opposite side before the vehicle flipped over. A teen passenger from ejected from the vehicle.

Medics arrived at the scene and worked to save the teen’s life, but were unsuccessful and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Authorities determined that alcohol and speed played a role in the accident. Apart from being charged with vehicular homicide, the teen driver was also charged with driving under the influence.

An auto accident can be devastating, especially since such a young life was taken far too soon. Even more tragic is that the teen died as a result of his friend’s impairment and recklessness behind the wheel. Not only does the driver face criminal charges, but he could also face civil litigation if the family of the deceased decides to pursue legal action by filing a wrongful death claim. The civil court system in North Carolina typically adjudicates these types of cases and awards damages based upon evidence that the other party operated in a negligent manner.

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