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North Carolina Man Falls Asleep, Causes Fatal Auto Accident?

An auto accident on any North Carolina roadway is always a possibility when someone loses focus. Diligence and complete awareness are requirements in an attempt to be completely safe on roadway. However important it is, so many drivers fail to follow these precautions, and an auto accident can be the result.

One such recent accident ended with a fatality. A man allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle just before the accident. After falling asleep, reports claim that the man crossed the center line and ran into the vehicle of another man. He was transported to a nearby hospital, but his injuries were too severe to survive. He passed away not long after his arrival.

The driver who allegedly fell asleep was not injured, but he does face charges as a result of this accident. He was arrested directly after the crash and charged with misdemeanor death by his motor vehicle. It appears that the driver was sober at the time and was not using excessive speed. Authorities seem to believe that this is a case of falling asleep behind the wheel.

Families everywhere in North Carolina can likely sympathize with the pain that the family of the deceased now feels. Although they will mourn this loss for some time, they may benefit in knowing that they may have the right to file a civil claim against the driver. A claim of this nature may result in restitution for the loved ones of the deceased if the driver is found to be at fault for this auto accident.

Source: wsoctv.com, “Police: Driver fell asleep at wheel, causing fatal head-on crash“, , May 7, 2014