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3 North Carolina Residents Killed in a Car Accident

Three people were killed in a recent car accident in North Carolina, and one person is facing serious charges after allegedly causing the accident. When accidents happen out of apparent negligence, families may benefit from knowing that they do have legal options. In many circumstances, families who have had loved ones killed in a car accident may file a wrongful death claim in an attempt to recover financial damages for their loss.

In the recent North Carolina accident, a boy who was 17 years old reportedly attempted to drive past a vehicle in an area where passing was apparently illegal. The driver then realized he was not going to be able to complete the maneuver successfully and attempted to get back over into his original lane. Tragedy struck not long after.

When he returned to his lane, his vehicle struck the fender of a vehicle driven by a man who was 78 years old. That car then collided with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Two girls in that third vehicle — a 13-year-old and 8-year-old — unfortunately lost their lives, and so did the 78-year-old driver of the second vehicle.

The driver of the first vehicle is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, one count for each fatal victim. He was also accused of driving with no license and for driving to the left of the centerline on the roadway. Although the coming criminal proceedings may suffice for some North Carolina families, others may feel it is not enough for their loved ones who were killed in a car accident. If the driver ends up being convicted of his charges, evidence of the conviction may be offered in a related civil court lawsuit as evidence of financial responsibility for the accident victims’ deaths.

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