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Pregnant Woman in Intensive Care After Serious Auto Accident

During this time of the year when the North Carolina weather is as stormy as it is, the presence of large vehicles and clearing equipment on the roads could present all kinds of dangers. The mere size and weight of these vehicles could change a minor accident into a life-threatening situation. Such an auto accident occurred recently on U.S. 64.

Police reported that a tractor-trailer that was in the process of clearing up the debris of a recent storm smashed into the vehicle of a 29-year-old pregnant woman. Apparently, she had just pulled out after the light at the intersection had turned green. She had started turning left onto U.S. 64 when a tractor-trailer allegedly ignored the red light and collided with the woman’s vehicle.

It was reported that the male driver of the tractor-trailer was part of a contracted crew who was busy with clean-up operations after the current damage that was caused by a storm. The pregnant woman reportedly had to be extricated from her car by emergency workers. She was taken to a hospital by air and admitted to intensive care in critical condition.

North Carolina residents who have sustained injuries in an auto accident that was caused by the negligent driving of another party may retain the right to file personal injury claims in a civil court. Medical expenses in life-threatening situations where intensive care is required could be astronomical. When such civil claims are successfully litigated, the court may award monetary compensation to assist in the settlement of the medical costs and other additional costs that resulted from the accident.

Source: courier-tribune.com, Asheboro woman critically injured, Kathi Keys, March 12, 2014