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North Carolina Ironman Race Ends in Auto Accident

A popular race in North Carolina has resulted in a man being seriously injured in an auto accident. The driver who was seemingly at fault is now facing some serious charges as the result of her involvement in the crash. This auto accident appears to have been entirely preventable.

A woman driving near the event was apparently attempting to pass some of the bicyclists during the race. The area where she reportedly tried to pass had two solid yellow lines on the roadway, which she is said to have breached. Reports suggest that race officials, in addition to contestants, instructed the driver to lower her speed around the cyclists.

For unknown reasons, the woman’s vehicle came to a halt, and a race competitor was injured. The cyclist suffered serious head and back trauma, in addition to lacerations on his face. He also has some missing teeth.

Victims who suffer injuries caused by negligent drivers have legal options to consider. Although the woman has been charged with reckless driving in addition to failing to listen to a traffic officer, the injured competitor could commence a separate civil lawsuit against her as a result of this North Carolina auto accident. Moreover, further investigation could result in a finding that race organizers may have been negligent in permitting a motor vehicle to proceed along the race course at the accident location. While it is too early to make a determination about including additional defendants beyond the driver and any separate owner of the vehicle involved, our laws permit victims the right to pursue monetary judgments against any party whose negligence either caused or substantially contributed to an accident resulting in serious injury or death.

Source: wral.com, “Bicyclist injured during Raleigh Ironman, SUV driver charged“, , June 1, 2014