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North Carolina Driver Charged for Auto Accident

Driving while intoxicated can cause a fatal auto accident that has irreversible consequences. A person who loses a loved one to the reckless choices of another driver who has had too much to drink may have feelings of anger and confusion as they work through their loss. Authorities recently charged a North Carolina woman for her apparent involvement in an auto accident that resulted in the death of another person.

The fatal auto accident took place in the dark early morning hours on a local interstate after a potentially intoxicated woman got behind the wheel. The accused woman was purportedly driving her sports car on the wrong side of the highway when she encountered oncoming traffic. A sedan collided with the sports car head-on, causing a serious wreck.

Records indicate that the teenage passenger traveling in the sedan suffered serious injury in the crash and passed away at a local medical facility the evening following the wreck. Injuries that may have been inflicted to the relative who was driving at the time has not been detailed. The woman who is accused of driving her sports car on the wrong side of the road was trapped in the wreckage, unable to leave her car without help, and was transported to the hospital for treatment as well.

Police have charged the North Carolina sports car driver with a felony DUI that includes severe bodily injury and a felony DUI that resulted in death. Families who have suffered the loss of a child in an auto accident may feel a desire to pursue justice. Some loved ones may choose to seek help in taking civil action against the responsible party in an attempt to gain restitution and find closure.

Source: GoUpstate.com, “NC motorist charged in deadly, wrong-way crash on Business 85“, , June 22, 2014