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2 Injured in Workplace Accident When Car Hit an Ambulance

Countless lives have been saved thanks to the swift actions of medical response teams who use ambulances to administer medical aid as well as provide quick transportation to local hospitals. However, since these medical professionals are constantly on the road, the risk of becoming involved in a car accident is dramatically increased. Two North Carolina medical technicians were recently involved in a workplace accident when a driver crashed into their ambulance.

An initial investigation into the crash has led the authorities to believe that the driver of the car began to veer off the road, which led him to overcorrect. When he overcorrected, he drove the car into the oncoming lane of traffic, slamming the vehicle into the ambulance. The two medical technicians in the ambulance were on call at the time of the accident.

Both technicians in the ambulance were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries but have since been released. Any injuries the driver of the vehicle sustained were not reported, though one female passenger suffered a broken arm. The driver’s wife suffered head injuries, but she is reportedly recovering. The driver has been charged with DWI, and he may face other charges as well.

In order to file for workers’ compensation, you must be injured while on the job. Fortunately for these two North Carolina emergency medical technicians, the injuries that they suffered in their workplace accident were only minor. They both may still elect to file a workers’ compensation claim, which could reimburse them for any medical bills and other costs related to the crash. Moreover, if they have lingering problems as a result of the accident, the workers’ compensation system is there to support them.

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