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6 People Injured in Auto Accident and Driver Allegedly Flees

A suspect who officials say was a wanted man in another case reportedly eluded authorities and started a recent police chase. The chase ultimately resulted in an auto accident that involved four vehicles and caused injuries to six people. North Carolina authorities apparently apprehended the suspect and he now faces a number of charges.

According to reports, a tip was received by authorities that the suspect was at the Days Inn. When authorities attempted to make an arrest, the suspect reportedly fled from them and headed out to the highway. During the chase, the suspect made multiple U-turns at the median and then struck a police vehicle. At some point in time, he purportedly veered across the center line and crashed into two vehicles in the other lane.

Eventually, another vehicle collided with the three vehicles that were already hit. Reportedly, three people sustained serious injuries, but are expected to be okay. The suspect also suffered injuries, but the exact details of his condition have not been reported. Apart from his new pending charges, he faces charges for assault on a government worker and hit-and-run resulting in property damage.

An auto accident can cause victims to suffer tremendously from physical and emotional pain. The injured victims may face lost wages from work and be forced to continue treatment as they recover from their injuries. The individuals who were involved in this incident may have the right to file personal injury claims against the defendant to recoup any damages they have suffered. A North Carolina civil court may award damages if evidence deems the defendant operated with reckless conduct that caused the injuries.

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