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North Carolina Teen Is Killed in a Car Accident; Another Injured

High school is a time when parents are usually worried about their children’s grades and their breaking curfews and going to parties. Unfortunately, there are some parents who will, unfortunately, go through that detrimental moment of finding out that their child has died at such a young age. Sadly, parents of a teenage student in North Carolina were notified of their son’s death after he was killed in a car accident.

Reports indicated that two teens were involved in a single-car accident that left one fatally injured and the other with serious injuries. The 16-year-old driver somehow lost control of the vehicle she was operating and caused the accident. When her car ran off the roadway, it hit a wire from a telephone pole before hitting a tree.

The driver was taken to the hospital and has last been reported as being in critical condition. Sadly, her 16-year-old male passenger was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash when officers arrived. At the time of the report, it had not yet been determined if the young driver would be charged with the death of her passenger.

Although the teen driver may or may not face criminal charges filed by the state, the victim’s family may ultimately decide to file a wrongful death claim. Families in North Carolina that find themselves in a situation where their child is killed in a car accident always have the option to take the situation to civil court. It may be difficult to go through the hearings, but the potential compensation that can be granted may help families that have unexpectedly had to pay for funeral and burial expenses for an untimely death.

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