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North Carolina Man Loses Control of Car, May Face Wrongful Death

There are many instances in which tragedy can happen on a North Carolina roadway. Drivers often speed or fail to follow other rules of the road when driving and they can be injured. Although it is terrible when anyone is injured no matter the circumstance, the most devastating events are when a person was injured through no fault of their own. One North Carolina family may be able to file a claim for wrongful death, after a man lost his life while being a passenger to a driver who lost control on the road.

The two were reportedly traveling down a North Carolina interstate when the accident occurred. The driver of the vehicle appears to have lost control and crashed into a guard rail. The vehicle did not come to a halt there, and it continued on only to enter the interstate again and get hit by a tractor-trailer.

Unfortunately, the passenger died not long after arriving at a nearby hospital. It is unknown if the driver of the vehicle the man hit is okay, or whether he had additional passengers in his vehicle. Although this is still an ongoing investigation, the driver may face charges if he is in fact found negligent.

In addition to the typical charges the man may face, he could also face a claim for wrongful death should the family of the victim choose to file one against him. If he is in fact found negligent, both the driver of the tractor-trailer in addition to the passenger who died retain to file claims against the driver. The deceased’s family members may choose the wrongful death claim in a North Carolina courtroom at an attempt to ensure funeral proceedings are taken care of, and the pain and suffering they now face will be compensated for.

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