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Actions of a Drunk Driver Claim the Life of a Woman

A North Carolina woman has died after a tragic drunk driving accident. The victim was an elderly woman, and the accident took place on Interstate 40. Police investigators believe that the drunk driver who caused the accident fell asleep at the wheel. As a result, he crossed into incoming traffic with tragic consequences.

The drunk driver was traveling east on Interstate 40 when he fell asleep. At that point, his vehicle crossed all lanes of the interstate. After his vehicle entered the westbound lanes, he then hit the victim head-on, which caused his vehicle to overturn. The impact caused the woman’s car to move off the interstate and hit a tree. This secondary impact claimed the life of the North Carolina woman.

After police investigated the accident, the driver was charged with misdemeanor death by a vehicle. This is a serious charge and, if convicted, he can face jail time or other serious consequences. The woman was not the only one who was negatively impacted by the drunk driver’s accident. In crossing over so many lanes of traffic, five other vehicles were involved. Police have not indicated if any other drivers or passengers were injured.

The actions of the drunk driver caused one fatality and possibly more damage. The fact that he has been charged implies that he is liable for the actions that led to the accident. The family of the deceased could consider a wrongful death suit against the liable party. Any compensation that may be granted would cover the cost of pain and suffering endured because of the drunk driving accident.

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