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2 North Carolina Men Die in Wreck; Wrongful Death Claim to Come?

One North Carolina family recently lost two loved ones in a horrific car accident. The man allegedly responsible has been released on a $500,000 bond. He now must answer a number of criminal charges, including driving while impaired and felony death by a motor vehicle. The surviving family members of the deceased also retain the right to commence wrongful death claims against the man who authorities say caused the fatal crash.

The man thought responsible for the crash was reportedly driving west on North Carolina Highway 98 at the time of the accident. Accident reports indicate the man crossed the center line of the roadway before colliding with the vehicle in which the two men were riding. Tragically, they both died on impact.

According to accident reports, state troopers suspected the driver to be under the influence of marijuana. In addition to the suspicion of marijuana impairment, drug paraphernalia was found in the vehicle. Apparently, the driver is already facing criminal charges in relation to two prior incidents in other counties, including a hit and run accident and separate charges for possession of synthetic marijuana.

The court dates for those charges were scheduled for sometime in January. The family of the two deceased victims wants to send the bodies of the victims back to their native El Salvador. Apart from the pending criminal proceedings, the surviving family members have the right to commence a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of each fatal victim. These claims would be properly filed against the accused driver as well as any other party that had an ownership interest in the vehicle the man was driving. If a conviction is earned in criminal court, proof of that may advance the wrongful death claims for financial damages in civil court.

Source: wral.com, Family of men killed in Durham crash struggle with driver’s release, Julia Sims, Dec. 30, 2013