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2 Dead, 2 Injured in North Carolina Crash

Two individuals died in a Nov. 29 accident involving five vehicles, according to authorities. Emergency crews responded to the incident at approximately 9:10 a.m. Reportedly, the accident involved a wrong-way driver on West Wendover Avenue in High Point.

In total, five vehicles became involved in the wreck, including three sports utility vehicles. The 44-year-old driver of the wrong-way vehicle died as a result of the crash, authorities reported. Additionally, a 73-year-old High Point woman died due to the injuries she suffered in the wreck.

Two other individuals involved in the crash suffered injuries, authorities said. However, the severity of the their injuries was not immediately clear. According to authorities, officials are still investigating the incident. Reportedly, speed was considered to be a factor in the crash.

While the contributory factors in this particular auto accident have yet to be determined, common causes of traffic accidents include distracted driving, impaired driving, fatigued driving, excessive speed and vehicle malfunctions. In the event that a faulty auto part contributed to a deadly crash, the parties responsible for that defective part, such as the manufacturer of the vehicle, may be held liable in civil court by family members of the individual who died in the crash. Because most companies are backed by many representatives and advocates, it is essential that the bereaved family members retain a lawyer before filing a wrongful death lawsuit. In this way, the family may seek compensation for their losses, including the costs of any emergency medical treatment their loved one received prior to death, funeral expenses, burial costs and expenses associated with the decedent’s estate administration.

Source: News & Record , “2 die in 5-car wreck in High Point“, November 29, 2014