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Auto Accident Results in North Carolina Man Being Sentenced

An accident that happened last year killed two people. The person responsible for the auto accident is a 21-year-old North Carolina man who recently pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to 12 to 17 years behind bars.

The accident reportedly happened in the morning hours after the defendant borrowed a car and apparently proceeded to drive while under the influence of marijuana and Xanax. He was also reportedly driving at a high rate of speed when he ran a red light. Prosecutors say he swerved to avoid hitting a car that was waiting at the light and then sped into the intersection. The victims made a left turn at the same time, and that is when their vehicle was T-boned.

After the crash, the defendant exited his vehicle and was reportedly observed saying that he’s going down. Recently, the defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of felony death by vehicle and felony hit-and-run. Under the agreement, the state dropped the charges of reckless driving and second-degree murder.

The family of the deceased may feel some sense of justice since the defendant will spend the next 12 to 17 years in prison for the auto accident. In spite of his prison sentence, the family may elect to pursue civil action on behalf of the deceased. The family may file wrongful death claims against the defendant in a North Carolina civil courtroom in an attempt to recoup damages suffered as a result of his actions. Although financial relief will not bring their family back, they can still recover some damages lost as they continue to grieve. The fact that the driver has now been formally convicted and sentenced will likely lend further credence to related wrongful death lawsuits.

Source: charlotteobserver.com, “Drugged-up driver in 2013 fatal crash gets 12 years“, Michael Gordon, July 25, 2014