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Auto Accident Injures 1 on North Carolina Interstate

Most residents know that traveling on the interstate can be dangerous. This is especially true since a number of distracted and negligent drivers share the roadway. A recent auto accident on a North Carolina highway has claimed the life of one person and injured another.

The accident took place on a recent Wednesday afternoon. According to reports, a Hyundai sedan and an SUV were headed in the northbound direction on the interstate. The driver of the SUV tried to move into another lane when it crashed into the Hyundai. Afterward, the driver of the SUV lost control of the vehicle and it rolled over multiple times.

Rescue crews arrived at the scene and airlifted a passenger in the SUV to the hospital for treatment. Tragically, the driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities indicate that four occupants in the Hyundai did not suffer any injuries. No other details about this tragedy have been released.

An auto accident can be physically and emotionally damaging to those involved. Physically speaking, the passenger in the SUV has likely experienced injuries that caused a large amount of pain and suffering. The passenger may be required to continue outpatient care to fully recover from injuries associated with the crash and may have suffered other financial setbacks as a result of lost wages. If it is confirmed that the SUV was at fault in this incident, the passenger may have the right to pursue a personal injury claim in a North Carolina civil courtroom against the estate of the deceased driver to recover damages related to the incident.

Source: abc11.com, “One killed in I-95 accident near Benson”, Aug. 6, 2014