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Family of Worker Killed May Wish to Receive Workers’ Compensation

Any North Carolina family likely sympathizes with sad stories of an injured worker. The only thing that may make the feelings of sadness worse are if the worker was killed on the job at no fault of their own. Families of deceased workers may wish to pursue a case for survivor’s benefits through workers’ compensation. One story that reached national news about an injured worker may reach its closing now that the woman’s employer has been fined.

The worth of a life is priceless, but WildCat Haven in another state has been fined almost $6,000 after a worker received fatal injuries. Last November, the woman was doing her job at the animal sanctuary and began cleaning out one of the cages for an animal. The woman was doing this job by herself, and that would prove to be a fatal mistake.

According to WildCat Haven, there was a mandatory two-person rule when clearing out the animal’s cages. In addition, it was proved that there may have been some faulty machinery on the cage latches. Because they did not close correctly, a cougar was able to reach the woman and attack her.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in this particular state claims that this tragedy may well have been prevented if proper procedures had been followed. So often the public hears of such stories in which a life could have been saved if the circumstances had been different. Although the company has been fined, the family wish for more justice.

If the family, for any reason, wishes to receive restitution for what has happened, they may consider filing a claim against the employer. Survivor’s benefits through workers’ compensation may help North Carolina families in giving their loved one a proper goodbye. In addition, such restitution may ease the financial burden of medical bills and other expenses that can accompany such tragic deaths.

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