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Car Accidents Can Happen to Even the Most Careful Drivers

Car accidents can happen on any North Carolina roadway, even when a person is following all of the rules of the road. No matter how careful and diligent someone is on the road, they may often not stand a chance against someone who deliberately breaks the law. A woman was killed recently, and a man is facing charges in regard to her death. As terrible as these types of car accidents are, families may benefit from knowing their rights concerning our wrongful death laws..

The elderly woman who was involved in the accident was stopped at a stoplight on an off-ramp just seconds before the crash. When the light turned green, she attempted to make a lawful left turn. Unfortunately for her, there was a young man who was apparently just about to run a red light. He crashed into the woman’s left side of her vehicle.

Sadly, she was killed at the scene of the accident. The young driver was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, but he faces legal troubles as a result of the tragedy. He was later charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. Not only did he reportedly run a red light, his registration was apparently expired. Moreover, his vehicle inspection was out of date, and he was also accused of running the red light.

It is tragic that this North Carolina woman is yet another victim of the numerous fatal car accidents that plague our roadways. When such tragedies do occur, the surviving families have the right to turn to our civil court system to seek financial relief. If it is proven that the man caused the accident by running the red light, a court may award a monetary judgment to cover funeral expenses and other damages recognized under our laws. they may wish to file a claim against the driver. While it obviously will not undo what has already occurred, a successfully managed claim may help with the financial burdens that fatal car accidents typically produce.

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