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15-Year-Old Killed in a Car Accident Attributed to Speeding

Unfortunately, for so many North Carolina families, one person’s negligent actions can result in a loved one getting killed in a car accident. All fatal car accidents are tragic, but the tragedy is even greater when the person who was killed was not at fault. An Onslow County high school student was killed in a car accident recently — an accident that was attributed to speeding.

Four children were involved in this accident, including the 17-year-old driver, two 16-year-old children and one 15-year-old. The speed limit in the location of the accident was 55 mph, but the driver was said to have been traveling around 15 miles over that designated limit. The driver allegedly lost control before running off the roadway and hitting a tree.

The two 16-year-old children and the driver were injured, but thankfully they will overcome their injuries. Unfortunately for the 15-year-old, his injuries were far too much for his body to endure, and he tragically succumbed to his injuries. Police say that the driver has not yet been charged as a result of still being in the hospital.

One North Carolina child is tragically gone after being killed in a car accident at no fault of his own. It may be in the family’s best interest to look into the idea of filing a claim for wrongful death against the driver responsible. No family should have to endure the heartache of burying a loved one — especially a child — who was killed as the alleged result of another person.

Source: wxii12.com, “Teen killed, another injured in weekend NC crash“, , April 21. 2014