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Drunk driver arrested and charged after fatal wreck

| Mar 7, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Being a drunk driver in the state of North Carolina can often cause serious legal consequences. Someone can often be hurt while someone makes the decision to drive drunk, whether it be the one who is drunk or a victim who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A family is now the victim, and is likely mourning after a drunk driver caused a fatal accident.

A North Carolina woman is facing the legal repercussion we have spoken of after she allegedly caused a fatal car accident. The 32-year-old woman was speeding, according to authorities, at the time of the accident. While speeding, the woman ran into the vehicle of a man.

The man was unfortunately killed during the collision, but the woman was uninjured. Police found her to be intoxicated during the investigation with a blood content level of more than twice the legal limit in North Carolina. In addition to her allegedly making the decision to drive drunk, she also had multiple children in her vehicle.

She was reportedly arrested and charged with a DWI, misdemeanor child abuse, reckless driving and felony death by motor vehicle. Although her charges are serious, she was able to be released on an unsecured bond of $110,000. Although she clearly has a long road of legal issues, the family of the deceased may not consider it enough of a punishment.

Families of victims killed by a drunk driver have to face the reality that their loved one was killed in an act that could have likely been prevented. In addition to being grief-stricken, they also have to face the hefty financial burden that often follows unexpected deaths in North Carolina. Their options for seeking justice may be slim, but they may wish to file a claim against the drunk driver who killed their loved one. Doing so could lead to financial restitution for the family.

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