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Wrongful Death: North Carolina Man Killed by Truck

Recently a worker for a cable installer was hit by a truck while working. He and a fellow employee were struck by a driver of a pickup. The family of the North Carolina man who was killed may decide to file a wrongful death claim in this tragic accident.

The two men had put out traffic alert cones while they were working along a travel lane. The driver of the truck reportedly hit and killed the 40-year-old worker. His companion was not seriously hurt. The father of three had been with the cable installer company for about a two year period.

North Carolina has a new safety law that was enacted late last year. This law requires that whenever any type of work is being carried out along the roadway, traffic is to move one lane over in order to try and protect the workers. This law was first put in place for police and related professions but was improved in order to include all workers. The driver of the truck who killed the worker has been charged with a misdemeanor crime.

While the deceased worker’s surviving family members likely qualify for workers’ compensation death benefits, they may also decide to seek closure and justice for their loved one by filing a wrongful death suit against the pickup driver and any separate owner of the vehicle involved. North Carolina does have provisions in its laws to allow families to pursue further justice in this type of legal action. While the driver is being charged in this crime, a misdemeanor classification may not seem to fit the crime in this family’s perspective in the loss of this husband and father.

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