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Senior Athlete Victim of North Carolina Wrongful Death?

A man who spent his life proving that age can’t slow him down has met an untimely end. He appears to have become another victim of a wrongful death after he was run down while riding his bicycle on a local road. The man was a part-year resident of North Carolina, and he frequently trained and competed in running and swimming events in the state.

The 84-year-old was riding on a road that he was quite familiar with. The tragic accident occurred around 5 o’clock in the afternoon when a car driven by a 53-year-old woman ran off the road for unknown reasons and collided with the bicyclist. Rescue crews responded, but they were unable to save his life.

The man had a reputation as a notable athlete. He had competed in and won events as recently as just a few years ago. His son reported that his father had worked hard to remain competitive even into his 80’s and that the son had expected his dad to live for many more years because of his great physical condition. Now, however, the senior athlete’s life has been cut short because of a terrible car accident.

North Carolina authorities are still investigating how the accident may have happened. The driver has claimed that she did not even see the victim until she hit him. Regardless of what the police may eventually find to have caused the collision, the remaining family members will have only their memories to console them in their loss. They may consider filing a wrongful death suit against the driver they believe responsible for the loss of their father. A civil suit will not be able to fill the void that has been left in their lives, but it may help them to obtain a sense of closure after such a tragic and violent death.

Source: news-press.com, Fort Meyers resident, an accomplished athlete, killed in NC crash, Julie Ball, Sept. 7, 2013