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North Carolina Worker’s Death and Workers’ Compensation

A trucking corporation in North Carolina has recently been fined by the state’s Labor Department after an investigation following the death of an employee that occurred several months ago. The company was found to have been guilty of several alleged violations, two that were considered serious. Family of the man that was killed may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.

The 22-year-old man was reportedly fixing a truck at the time of his fatal accident. He was underneath a semi-truck working on the front end. It was apparently lifted up in some fashion at the time. Somehow, the truck position slipped, and it fell on top of the worker, pinning him.

While the maximum penalty could have been more than $14,000 the company did not receive such a large fine. Each violation that is considered to be serious could be assessed up to $7,000 per incident. However, the worker safety agency settled on a fine of less than $2,800. The agency’s guidelines call for the history of the company to be considered as well as other factors when fines are levied.

While this trucking business has been held accountable for the accident, the family of the man who died may also be eligible to receive compensation to cover the many different financial and emotional hardships they must endure. North Carolina workers’ compensation will most likely pay a death benefit to the victim’s family to aid in funeral expenses. However, the family could be eligible to receive more for workers’ compensation, including a figure that represents the lost income resulting from losing someone who was probably a major breadwinner in the family.

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