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Drunk Driving Accidents: Multi-Car Crash

There are responsibilities that residents of North Carolina must uphold when operating motor vehicles. The two most important ones are judgment and maintaining good vision. However, both of these are severely impaired when alcohol is consumed before driving, and this can cause accidents. A recent case, adding to the epidemic of drunk driving accidents, has left two people seriously injured.

The incident happened on NC-42, and involved three vehicles. It is reported that a 17-year-old female was attempting a left turn when a 28-year-old man ran a stoplight and crashed into her. The man then hit a 26-year-old woman who was stopped at the intersection parallel to the light he had just run.

It was reported that extreme force was needed in order to get the drivers out of their vehicles. All three of the drivers involved in this accident were taken to the hospital for the injuries they suffered. According to charges pending on the man, intoxication and his high rate of speed are factors in this accident. Following the crash, he was cited for not wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence, and reckless driving.

Drunk driving accidents like this one in North Carolina could easily be prevented. Three people were injured, and driving drunk appears to be the cause. This is a harsh reminder of how serious driving under the influence is. The victims of this car accident retain the right to file a claim against the drunk driver for financial restitution if they choose. Doing so could help cover unexpected medical expenses they may face as a result of drunk driving accidents like this one.

Source: ABC11, Johnston County multi-car crash injures two people, No Author, Oct. 27, 2013