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Older Couple Dies in One of North Carolina’s Fatal Car Accidents

Drivers in North Carolina are likely aware of the stigma that follows young drivers. Many people think that with driving ages being as low as they are, car accidents are likely to follow due to lack of experience on the roadways. A North Carolina elderly couple was killed on a highway bridge after an 18-year-old woman apparently collided with them.

The car accident happened mid-morning. It involved a 64-year-old husband and wife who were traveling on the North Carolina bridge. The accident investigators believe the 18-year-old left her lane before traveling over the center line where she then hit the elderly couple.

Although the couple was taken to a local hospital, both the husband and wife succumbed to their injuries and unfortunately passed away. The 18-year-old driver left the scene of the accident with minor injuries, but not before the police gave her a citation for reckless driving. In addition to the ruling by investigators that the accident was caused by her crossing of the center line, they also stated that speed was possibly a contributing factor in this car accident.

So many North Carolina car accidents can likely be prevented by simply following the rules of the road such as driving the speed limit. The two deceased individuals could have children and grandchildren at home who will now never see them again. Their families may feel alone at a time like this, and they may benefit from knowing what legal options are available surrounding this car accident. The surviving families may wish to file a claim against the 18-year-old driver for financial restitution if they believe her to be responsible. The compensation potentially awarded could be used for unexpected expenses that come along with fatal car accidents such as this one.

Source: WRAL, Couple killed in Johnston County crash, No Author, Nov. 12, 2013