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Wrongful Death Claim Possible After Death of North Carolina Teen

Intersections tend to be accident-prone areas as cars are traveling in multiple directions and pedestrians are often utilizing crosswalks. When an accident occurs, especially one involving pedestrians, it is important that everyone involved remains on the scene and the accident is reported immediately. If injured parties are not attended to as quickly as possible, a fatality could occur, and someone could soon be seeking a wrongful death claim.

Two teenage girls were crossing the street near an intersection in North Carolina when they were both struck by a vehicle. The vehicle did not stop and left the scene of the accident. When authorities arrived where the incident occurred, one of the teens was pronounced dead at the scene and the other suffered multiple injuries.

Police were able to locate a vehicle fitting the description of the one involved in the hit-and-run accident that had significant front-end and windshield damage. A man allegedly admitted to owning the vehicle but did not wish to divulge how it sustained the damage. Police obtained warrants, and the man was taken into custody. At this time the man is facing felony charges for the hit-and-run as police continue to investigate the accident.

It is uncertain whether the young girl who was killed in the accident would have had a better chance of survival had the driver remained on the scene and called for help immediately. The tragic nature of a fatal accident always increases when a young person is involved. Her family is undoubtedly facing difficult times coping with the loss of such a young family member, and having to arrange a funeral only adds to their pain and suffering. Should they choose, the family may wish to seek a wrongful death claim against the driver deemed at fault in order to gain compensation for damages permitted under North Carolina law.

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