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Truck Accidents Prone to Cause Injuries in North Carolina

Motorists who drive trucks need to be especially careful when on the road. Truck accidents are many times more dangerous than with other types of vehicles because of the large size of the vehicle, which could cause greater damage during a collision. One driver of a car found this out when she was hit by a tractor-trailer truck in a recent crash in North Carolina.

The incident happened late one evening in early July when a tractor-trailer truck was traveling on the road. The truck was going through an intersection when it crashed into a car. After the initial collision, the truck overturned after smashing into a utility pole. This caused a loss of electricity to several surrounding areas.

The driver of the truck died at the scene of the crash, while the driver of the car was immediately rushed to the hospital. No reports have been released as to what injuries the driver of the car had sustained. Also, authorities did not offer any conclusions as to what may have caused the incident or who may have been at fault.

This is just one example of how dangerous truck accidents can be in North Carolina or in any other state. However, those who are injured in any type of vehicle crash may be able to obtain monetary reimbursement for resulting medical bills by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Those who have lost a loved one in a vehicle accident may also be able to obtain reimbursement through a wrongful death complaint.

Source: News Observer, “NC truck company owner killed in crash,” July 9, 2013