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Multiple Car Accidents Stem From Single Driver, Authorities Say

Multiple cars were damaged and several people were sent to hospital following a serious crash. A man has been charged with setting off a series of car accidents that injured several people, including the passenger in his own vehicle. North Carolina authorities have charged the man with drunk driving in connection with this case.

According to local authorities, the man was driving recklessly along a road in New Hanover County when he struck the rear of another vehicle. Both drivers lost control of their vehicles as a result of the collision, striking several other vehicles in the process. The exact number of vehicles involved in the crash is not currently known. 

The driver responsible for the initial accident was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and, after being released from the hospital, was taken into police custody. His passenger is said to have suffered serious injury in the crash and his current condition is not known. Authorities have confirmed that several other people involved in the accident were also taken to the hospital for further medical evaluation, although their current conditions are also unknown.

Car accidents of this type are often avoidable, particularly in cases of drunk driving. If the man is found to be guilty of driving under the influence, the injured parties involved in the accident will have even more precedent to proceed with personal injury lawsuits against him. The suits would be handled separately from any criminal charges filed against him, in a North Carolina civil court setting.

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