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North Carolina Man May Be a Victim of a Wrongful Death

Tragedy comes in many forms and, quite often, with little to no warning. One family knows this too well as their loved one became a possible victim of a wrongful death. The man who was killed was hit by a vehicle, and now his family is left to try and cope with the loss. The tragic North Carolina accident happened near Durham.

The fatal collision occurred as the man and his female companion were strolling beside a roadway around noon one recent Monday. The couple was headed in a southerly direction when the driver of a vehicle collided with them. The 30-year-old man was killed in the accident. The woman who was accompanying him was further off to the side of the road and was not badly injured.

Police who are investigating the incident have reportedly stated that the driver was not under the influence of any substances. It is not known if the 22-year-old woman will be facing any charges in the accident. A witness who lives near the roadway where the fatality occurred has expressed concern that the road is too narrow and lacks proper room along the side for pedestrians to travel safely.

Regardless of whether the woman who killed the man is charged with any crime, the family of the victim will still have to deal with his death. When a loved one is killed there are many things that can make the loss even harder to understand and the resulting monetary burden can also serve to compound the tragedy. The family that has been left behind could seek information from the resources that North Carolina has made available to the families in these horrible situations. Since there has been a fatal accident that could be considered a wrongful death, the family could decide to file a civil suit against the driver that they believe is responsible for their loss and thereby receive monetary support to help deal with the enormous costs that often are a part of these terrible accidents.

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