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North Carolina Car Accidents: Unborn Child Killed

When a family is looking forward to the birth of a child, there is usually great excitement in planning the baby’s arrival. However, car accidents can sometimes bring unexpected loss instead of the awaited birth. One family in North Carolina has recently suffered such a loss and the mom is seriously injured.

The accident that has claimed the life of a pre born child occurred near an intersection of two busy roads on a recent weekday morning. The car that the pregnant 20-year-old woman was driving was smashed into straight on by a car driven by another young driver. The 25-year-old man has been charged with driving while under the influence.

The mother was reported to have been trapped in the wreckage of her car for close to half an hour before she was freed by rescue workers. She then had to be flown to the closest hospital that could handle the severity of her injuries. She is reported to have been critically hurt. The male driver that hit her was reported to have a couple of different medications, including an anti-anxiety drug in his system at the time of the collision. He suffered only minor injuries in the crash.

The family of this mother has suffered a great loss. Car accidents frequently claim the lives of innocent people including babies, born and unborn. This young woman will have to deal with the pain of her loss as well as the physical pain from her serious injuries. North Carolina laws will allow this family to seek monetary compensation from the financial burden that burial and funeral expenses may cause as well as the many medical bills that the victim may be facing. Nothing will be able to replace the joy that the baby may have brought to the family, but filing a personal injury lawsuit might allow the mother and other family members the opportunity to recover from some of the monetary sufferings as well as possibly being able to seek justice for the baby’s death.

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