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Many Reasons for High Number of North Carolina Car Accidents

Recently, a nonprofit motor club association released the results of a study concerning the issues that may affect safe driving and traveling. The study has reportedly determined that Greenville, North Carolina has an inordinate number of car accidents. The reasons are varied, but the end result can often be the loss of a beloved family member.

An officer with the Greenville Police Department has acknowledged that his town has more accidents than would be suggestive based on the population. He has claimed that officials work diligently to prevent these tragedies, but that there are still many drivers who tend to ignore the safety guidelines, especially concerning cell phone use while driving. The number of people who still believe that this is a dangerous activity has reportedly dropped in recent years.

The state has banned the use of these devices for inexperienced drivers as well as for those who drive for businesses. However, many people have admitted that they continue the practice. Two other troubling behaviors that can lead to a serious crash are driving while under the influence of a substance and driving when overly tired. Both of these situations can have terrible consequences, not just for the driver, but for passengers and other travelers as well.

North Carolina officials are committed to ensuring the safety of their residents. In spite of all their efforts, unfortunately, car accidents will most likely continue to occur. When a family is caught up in these types of tragedies, there can be many additional factors that can compound the horrible event. If a loved one has suffered injuries in an accident that may have been caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of another, then there are provisions in the laws that could enable the victim and family to file a personal injury claim against the person they believe responsible. Such a lawsuit could possibly provide monetary compensation to help with the often enormous expenses that can arise from these terrible events.

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