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Two North Carolina families may have claim for wrongful death

| Dec 19, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

One North Carolina family may have found themselves victim of wrongful death this past week. The two-car accident that left two people dead has likely left the surviving family members with many questions, as to why such a thing could happen? Further investigation of the car crash may be able to answer the questions of the grieving family, but they may still wish to file a claim for wrongful death. When a family does choose to file a claim after such accidents, compensation may be provided for the loss, in addition to closure knowing that responsibility has been paid.

The fatal crash occurred on a North Carolina roadway as a man was attempting to navigate his vehicle around a curve in the road. While doing so, the man left his lane and traveled across the center line. He allegedly crashed into a vehicle that was driving in the lane he accidentally swerved into.

The vehicle the man crashed into had two people in it. A 66-year-old male was riding passenger to a 73-year-old female driver. When officers arrived to the scene of the accident, the two were unfortunately pronounced dead. The driver who allegedly hit them was stable enough to be taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released for his non-life threatening injuries.

Although this fatal North Carolina car accident is pending further investigation, the family of the deceased may want to know the events leading up to the crash. If the accident investigations prove the man who crossed the center line is responsible for the two fatalities, this could likely evolve into a wrongful death suit. If the family members wish to file such a claim, and litigation proves to be successful, they may be compensated for their pain and suffering in addition to other unexpected expenses they are now burdened with.

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