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Drunk driving accidents in North Carolina a serious concern

| Dec 13, 2013 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

North Carolina drivers are aware that making the wrong decisions related to automotive travel can lead to serious consequences. Some poor choices are minor, such as forgetting to use a blinker or rolling through a stop sign. Others are considerably more serious, and can lead to significant property damage, injury or even death. In North Carolina, drunk driving accidents are considered to be among the most irresponsible and dangerous outcomes of an individual’s poor decision-making.

One 27-year-old woman is now facing serious criminal charges after allegedly making the decision to drive while drunk. Police in Raleigh believe that the woman was traveling eastbound on Tryon Road when she attempted to turn onto another roadway. Instead of making that turn, the woman collided head-on with a vehicle that was heading westbound on Tryon. That vehicle contained four passengers.

All four were seriously injured in the collision. As of the time of this report, there is no word on their current condition, or of their prognosis for recovery. The driver was charged with driving under the influence and four counts of serious injury by vehicle, which is a felony offense. It appears that she was driving under a revoked license at the time of the crash.

She is now in a North Carolina jail, with bond set at $100,000. It she is found guilty of the crimes, she may face serious prison time. Drunk driving accidents are a serious problem, and cause a significant public safety risk for other drivers. As for those who were injured in this crash, they all retain the right to pursue personal injury cases against the driver, which could help them to recover financial damages related to the incident.

Source: ABC 11 news, Raleigh woman facing charges in head-on crash, No author, Dec. 9, 2013


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