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North Carolina teen killed at bus stop; possible wrongful death

| Nov 4, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

There is nothing that saddens the state of North Carolina more than hearing about the death of a child. The only thing that intensifies the grief is when the death could have been prevented. This is the case for a family who lost their son recently, while he was attempting to board his school bus. Due to the circumstances surrounding the accident, the family may wish to consider a wrongful death claim.

The 17-year-old boy was on his way to the bus that took him to high school every day. Reports claim that he attempted to cross the street to the bus, when a 57-year-old woman began to pass the school bus, which is a felony. As a result, the young boy was hit by her vehicle. Twenty other children were on the school bus, and they all witnessed the tragic accident.

The woman was going five miles under the speed limit at the time of the accident, so it is unclear why she didn’t stop or couldn’t see the boy. According to the bus driver and police, the bus was completely stopped with flashing lights and a warning stop sign. There is currently a blood-alcohol test pending in the ongoing investigation.

North Carolina tragedies like this one are devastating. A young boy had his entire life ahead of him, and it was taken away instantly. The family is not alone, though, and they do have options. They are eligible to file a claim for wrongful death that could lead to financial restitution, if the other party is found negligent. The grieving family may not be prepared with adequate funds for their son’s funeral and other final expenses, but should a claim be successfully litigated, this burden could be lifted from them.

Source: Salisbury Post, Family, friends remember teen who was killed at school bus stop, Shavonne Potts, Nov. 3, 2013


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