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Did you fall off a ladder at a construction site?

When using a stepladder, there might be a tiny corner of unpainted ceiling that you're reaching for, and it's tempting to put your foot on the very last step. However, the words "This is not a step" are there for a reason.

What does workers' compensation cover in North Carolina?

North Carolina has thriving industrial and agricultural businesses. As a result, workers may face increased risk of injury on the job. There are many ways for North Carolina workers to incur injuries while working, from repetitive stress experienced by those working at poultry processing plants to commercial truck accidents where the driver is injured. Thankfully, workers' compensation insurance protects victims against losing their source of income or acquiring staggering medical debt.

Safety considerations for an aging workforce

There are many reasons that North Carolina workers might continue to hold a job into their 60s and 70s. Longer life expectancy and financial pressures are among possible explanations for rising rates of aged individuals working later in life. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is recording increasing numbers of workers at or over the age of 55, and the trend is projected to continue to the point of nearly one-fourth of the workforce in 2024 being part of this age group.

Examining the risks North Carolina truck drivers face

Truck drivers get sick or injured at work at a rate higher than most other professions. In 2015, there were 307.5 incidents of injury or illness at work for every 10,000 workers in that industry. However, the injury rate actually fell when compared to 2014 when the incident was 365.5 per 10,000 truckers. Despite this drop in injuries, workers took a median of 20 days off in 2015, which was an increase from 2014.

Are you a misclassified employee?

If you are doing the work of a full-time employee, one might assume you are a full-time employee. Unfortunately, this is not so. Many companies massage the rules to keep many of their employees in low-benefit positions while squeezing all the productivity out of them that they can.

Digital technology may increase safety in the workplace

Changes have occurred that help address safety concerns in workplaces in North Carolina and around the country with regard to adequate security and safety. Some of these improvements have been made possible because of the digital age, which has produced numerous new technologies designed to help address these issues.

Workers' compensation issues in health care professions

Various industries present unique hazards for workers, and North Carolina health care employees face some particularly challenging work conditions that have the potential to negatively affect their well-being. Exposure to ill patients, for example, creates a significant risk of contracting the illnesses in question. The tools of health care activities can also injure a worker. Sharps protocols and hand washing requirements have been refined over the years to ensure that such risks are minimized.

New potential sleep apnea rule might mandate worker testing

In September 2016, two federal government agencies took feedback on a proposal designed to study obstructive sleep apnea among transit operators. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration received a significant number of public comments about the advisability of their plans.

Elements of a return-to-work program for injured workers

Employers and employees in North Carolina could benefit from a formal return-to-work program designed to give injured workers the opportunity to heal and return to productivity. The creation of such a program, which has been promoted by some pundits, would include ideas from employees and clear information about reporting workplace injuries.

Gender and benefits in North Carolina

When determining workers' compensation benefits, it is possible that gender will be taken into account. One woman who suffered numbness in her hands and wrists after working on a computer for 17 years applied for workers' compensation benefits, and it was determined her injury was job-related. However, she was told that she would receive 20 percent less than a man would have for the same injury.

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